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I am pleased to announce that in cooperation with YCOpportunity, we have arranged several City Trips which will take place before and after the conference. The destinations included are London, Amsterdam and Paris.

If you would like to book one or more of these trips, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit www.ycopportunity.be
2. Go to 'CityTrips'
3. Choose your destination
4. Go to 'Choose Departure Date'

(27-29/06 EN for London)
(4-6/07 EN for Amsterdam or Paris)
These are the groups with fully English guiding

5. Click on 'Start Booking' and fill in your details

If you would like more information about the City Trips, please contact YCOpportunity on +32 478 92 95 72 or contact Nils Kok at nils.kok@jediconsulting.be.

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